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SAP NetWeaver
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SAP NetWeaver


SAP NetWeaver is the integration and application platform used across all SAP solutions and selected SAP partner solutions. With its Enterprise Services Architecture, this Web-based platform allows the integration and alignment of people, information, and business processes across business and technology boundaries.

It easily integrates information and applications from virtually any source and is interoperable with the primary technology standards – Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and Microsoft .NET. It ensures maximum reliability, security, and scalability, so your mission-critical business processes run smoothly. And by providing preconfigured business content for SAP NetWeaver, SAP helps reduce the need for customized integration and lowers your total cost of ownership (TCO).



Today, enterprise computing is undergoing a major shift. If your company is like most, your value network has extended to include a broader set of participants, driving the need to increasingly integrate your customers, suppliers, partners, and systems. Dynamic new market forces are compelling your company to take action and make decisions faster. At the same time, your IT organization is seeking to lower the total cost of ownership of your IT systems and to leverage existing investments while mastering your heterogeneous system landscape.

These forces have shaped the requirements for new business solutions. Organizations like yours need business processes that are more flexible and extensible than ever before. You also need solutions that fully integrate people, information, and business processes – and that have the lowest possible total cost of ownership. SAP fulfills all these needs with the Enterprise Services Architecture blueprint and the SAP NetWeaver™ technology platform.



Enterprise Services Architecture combines SAP’s proven experience in building business solutions with the flexibility of Web services and key open technologies – creating a blueprint for flexible and extensible business solutions in heterogeneous IT landscapes. Enterprise Services Architecture is the SAP NetWeaver platform.

Enterprise Services Architecture is also a blueprint for complete business integration. Regardless of the functional or technical barriers and isolated applications that may have grown up over time in your company, Enterprise Services Architecture brings back flexibility, allowing you to design complete solutions that span all people who participate in your value chain, all information that is relevant to you, and all systems that are involved for each business process or problem. This means that you can now respond to workers’ needs for business processes that are driven by collaborative, knowledge-based, and team-based processes rather than by isolated applications. These cross-functional processes can be realized with SAP® xApps™ packaged composite applications that snap onto your existing IT systems.


  • Portal infrastructure – Gives workers unified, personalized, and role-based access to heterogeneous IT environments. Increases the efficiency of business processes spanning customers, suppliers, partners, and employees.
  • Collaboration – Promotes dynamic and cost-effective communication among teams and communities. Includes virtual collaboration rooms and real-time collaboration tools such as news, chat, team calendar, application sharing, and document stores.
  • Multi-channel access – Permits access to enterprise systems using mobile devices and voice systems, allowing you to extend your business processes to wherever you conduct your business.
  • Knowledge management – Manages and makes accessible unstructured information such as text files, slide shows, or audio files. Includes integrated search, content management, publishing, classification, and workflow capabilities, as well as an open framework for third-party repositories.
  • Business intelligence – Enables organizations to integrate, analyze, and disseminate business-critical information. Includes a robust suite of tools for creating and publishing customized, interactive reports and applications, which supports your decision making at every level.
  • Integration broker – Enables eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) communications between application components from heterogeneous sources. Defines software components, interfaces, mappings, and content-based routing rules based on open standards.
  • Business process management – Allows the modeling and driving of business processes in a dynamic IT environment. Permits underlying applications to be combined into adaptive, end-to-end processes spanning the entire value chain.
  • Application platform – Supports J2EE and the ABAP™ programming language in a single environment. Provides independence from existing databases and operating systems, full support for platform-independent Web services and business applications, and an open, standards-based development environment.
  • Life-cycle management – Provides comprehensive technology for managing all stages of the software life cycle – from design, development, deployment, implementation, versioning, and testing through ongoing operations such as administration and change management.
  • Master data management – Promotes information integrity across the business network in heterogeneous IT environments. Provides services to consolidate, harmonize, and centrally manage your master data, including business partner information, product masters and structures, and technical-asset information.
  • Composite application framework – Provides the development environment for building SAP xApps composite applications. Contains the tools, methodology, rules, and patterns that allow SAP and its partners to develop SAP xApps composite applications efficiently while taking advantage of all integration layers.

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