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Technology and service that listens to you...


ALTTAB Africa Ltd. is a company engaged in offering professional services with a vision to provide software, hardware, management and business enterprising solutions. A vision that covers various areas of activities that represents some of the economy’s most dynamic sectors such as Information Technology, Internet Services, Management Consulting, Quality Assurance and Empowerment of Support Centers.

In this day and age, the key to attaining success in business is being able to access timely and accurate information that can be used to plan and make decisions governing the progressive improvement of your business entity. Organizations around the globe are optimizing efficiency in their day-to-day operations by acquiring such solutions to facilitate personalization and collaboration within the workplace and the marketplace.

The in-depth expertise of ALTTAB Africa LTD is drawn from the long experience of its consultants in consultancy and implementation activities in the past years in East and Central African region and other parts of the world.


Our strength lies in the knowledge assets of our personnel.

Teamed with a capacity of highly qualified and experienced consultants in various fields we are able to offer solutions as mentioned above. Our internationally experienced professionals strive to deliver seamless, consistent services wherever our clients operate. The entire team is fully committed to increasing its knowledge and is aware of the importance of training in keeping abreast with the current technologies. To compete in today’s economic environment, companies need to become adaptive to businesses, capable of responding quickly to ever evolving client demands.

In the world today we have small, medium and large size enterprises with unique needs based on their areas of specialization, the type of business and budget allocations. To remain competitive in today’s economy, you must take full advantage of your information resources and maximize the value of your IT investments. We at ALTTAB Africa LTD are capable of offering solutions for any enterprise irrespective of the line of business. ALTTAB Africa LTD is a time conscious organization and as a result we make sure time based deliverables are met within the set periods.


Our technical repertoire covers a number of products, ranging from custom made solutions to implementation of world-class products. Over the years our consultants have implemented solutions in the following areas:

  • SAP (Systems Applications Products) – An international recognized Enterprise Resource Planning Solution
  • Utilities (Generation, Distribution and Transmission)
  • Procurement and Logistics
  • Executive Information Management
  • Document Management System
  • Internet Technology
  • Commercial Activities

Other areas covered by our consultancy services include:

  • Situation Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Transformation or Re engineering
  • Technical Assistance in Operations and Maintenance
  • Telecommunications
  • Quality Assurance
  • Training

For enterprise business solutions we offer powerful solutions that meet your common business needs, covering accounting, logistics, sale force automation, reporting and more. These solutions are designed for all companies that require complex industry-specific functionality from their IT solutions. In order to assure the success of solutions and in order to achieve acceptance of the solutions, we make ensure that clear definitions of model solutions and participation of the end users is paramount. Thus at any point in time a clear knowledge and understanding of the business needs and actual situation is always available to complement any developed or developing solution.


Our success comes from our commitments to ALTTAB Africa LTD values, which are reflected in every project we undertake. These values include:

  • Commitment to our clients
  • A proven track record
  • International experience
  • Delivery of Quality Solutions on time
  • Well defined Project Management Techniques and Business Processes
  • Strong Technical and Functional teams that are responsible for performance
  • Strong Implementers
  • Highly experienced Management team
  • Continuous Innovation and up-to-date Technology


To provide unparalleled service leadership in the deployment of quality technological and business management solutions within the operating environment.


‘’With Technology and service that listen to you’’ is a unique approach to business that is an all encompassing looking at all factors at play to minimize risks and focus on value adding that will result in positive achievement.


ALTTAB Africa LTD insists on using the best and most efficient marketing strategy for penetrating into this field of business by visiting potential clients with well drawn up presentations and documentation.

Sites/developed solutions covered

ALTTAB Africa LTD comprises consultants who have been involved in various solutions within and out of the country. Most of the solutions covered by ALTTAB Africa LTD’s consultants are IT based. ALTTAB Africa LTD’s consultants have been extensively involved in SAP implementations and support in a number of local and international companies namely Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), Kenya Electricity Generating Company (Kengen), Bamburi Cement, PTA Bank, Kenya Ports Authority, Nation Group, Hima Cement (Uganda), ARAMCO Oil (Saudi Arabia).

The consultants have also been involved in other enterprise solutions involving various programming languages for KPLC, Kengen, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA, Zimbabwe), DEORSA and DEORCA (Guatemala) and RELI SACCO.

Business Re-engineering activities have been carried out in the aforementioned companies.

Cost effective reliable solutions in all areas of consultancy
ALTTAB Africa LTD’s solutions are well priced. The costing is affordable with very reliable solutions.

Based on the fact that ALTTAB Africa LTD is an indigenous local company, response times in terms of systems breakdowns in IT based solutions is very lean. This response time is guaranteed in that in the worst breakdown, solutions are registered within the next 24 hours. This, therefore, gives any enterprise a quick and reliable solution. Quality assurances for all solutions offered are a necessity in ALTTAB Africa LTD.

Financial Commitments and process guarantees
ALTTAB Africa LTD is a company of local consultants with varied experience who have teamed up to give varied solutions for Kenya and it’s environs. This alone guarantees the availability of consultants.

Structure of the company and its resources
ALTTAB Africa LTD is one hundred percent Kenyan. The management comprises of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), an Administrative Director, an Operations Director and a Business Development Director, and a Legal Officer.

ALTTAB Africa LTD promotes career development and all the employees in the company are motivated to pursue further knowledge in various fields other than their fields of strong knowledge.


ALTTAB Africa LTD Company is along Arwings Kodhek Road in Hurlingham, Regent Court, Block A5 Opposite Nairobi Women Hospital.

We are focused to:

  • Producing Quality Software Solutions/Products and Services that add value to our customers businesses
  • Pursuing a path of excellence in all our business processes
  • Providing our employees opportunities to continuously improve their expertise
  • Continuously refining our processes
  • Empowering our staff
  • Re-ploughing back to the society

Contact Us
  • Address: Regent Court Block A5
    Argwings Kodhek Road
    Opp. Nairobi Women’s Hospital
  • Office Tel: +254 (0)20-273 83 83
  • DL: +254-20-273 72 72
  • Cel: +254-722-35 41 78
  • Email: alttab@alttabafrica.com
  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Saturday - Sunday: Closed
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