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SAP R/3 System
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SAP R/3 System

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Thinking and Acting in Business Processes

As a company, you need dynamic strategies to meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced business world. The ability to respond nimbly to new customer needs and seize market opportunities as they arise is crucial. The answer? A powerful, open IT infrastructure that will optimally support your business activities and let you adjust flexibly to change and progress: SAP’s R/3 System, the world’s most-used standard business software for client/server computing.

The R/3 system is:
  • Flexible …… lets you leverage on changes to your advantage
  • Comprehensive…..It gives them both a forward-looking information management system and the means to optimize their business processes. hierarchical and function-oriented structures like no other software
  • Open…..although designed as an integrated system, R/3 modules can also be used individually
  • Integrated…..overcomes the limitations of traditional hierarchical and function-oriented structures like no other software
  • Beyond the company…..links your business processes with those of customers and suppliers to create complete logistical chains covering the entire route from supply to delivery
  • Best business practices…..lets you integrate all your business operations in an overall system for planning, controlling and monitoring.
  • New technologies…..R/3 incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as object orientation into the development work and translate them into practical customer benefits. SAP also harnesses innovative applications to extend the ways in which you can use R/3. For example. More and more companies are using the Internet not just for marketing and communications, but also for procurement, customer service, and order processing. R/3 is directly linked to the Internet and ready for electronic commerce.
  • Leading you safely into the future….with R/3, you are ready to meet both the present and future challenges